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October 8, 2015
"Butt Nugget Marathon Farts"
VideoHD - 8:51 miutes

I am getting ready to go for a jog but need to get rid of some gas. The more I stretch the more I fart as I soil my new spandex pants with hot sticky farts. Ooops I pushed too hard now I have a bulging butt nugget in my crack. Another QueenOfFarts classic with some of my loudest, longest and wettest farts yet!

October 1, 2015
"Toilet Wrecker"
VideoHD - 7:00 minutes

Lizzy the Toilet Wrecker is at it again blasting Pre-BM farts in her porcelain thrown while wearing her sexy leather thigh high boots. You will love watching Lizzy spread open her meaty cheeks to expose her bulging turtle roid. Then she splatters anal flapping vibrations on top of the lid. Another Queen Of Farts classic toilet fart video for you to enjoy!

September 24, 2015
"PreBM Farts in Leather Chaps"
VideoHD - 9:03 minutes

I just got done riding my Harley and need to take a dump. I should have used the toilet at the gas station but decided to wait until I got home. Now I am desperate to make a boo boo and can't stop farting. So I spread open my meaty cheeks to expose my turtle and pre bm farts in your face with a finale of toilet farts.

September 14, 2015
"Mouth Farts & Ass Belching"
VideoHD - 5:55 minutes

Ashley Dobbs and Lizzy the Queen Of Farts decide to have a burping and farting contest. So they drink some organic juice and proceed with the vulgarities. Ashley might be better at Burping but Lizz certainly earns her crown when she lets them rip on her porcelain thrown. Lots of burping and farting in this candid fun video starring the famous farting team Ashley & Lizz

August 27, 2015
"Ass Attack in Ashleys Room"
VideoHD - 9:08 minutes

I am staying at Ashley's house for an entire week and she has been feeding me delicious food rich in organics and fiber. So I just woke up and am making my bed like the police guest I am, however I can't stop farting! Ashley is in the other room and has no idea I am blasting ass juice in her room and on the floor. She will soon be faced with a hot box splattering surprise cause this room smells like ASS!

August 17, 2015
"Giant Enema 4 Lizzy"
VideoHD - 6:17 minutes

Watch Lizzy the queen of farts blast thick long gushes of anal fluids violently from her erupting ass as she gives Ashley Dobbs her first lesson on enema techniques. Ashley watches closely and even helps Lizzy fill up the giant enema bad and assists with the procedure. Ashley Dobbs loves to watch Lizzy clean out her ass violently and can't wait to try it too.

August 4, 2015
"Blasting Ass in Bikinis"
VideoHD - 12:01 minutes

Ashley and Lizz are blasting ass outdoors with loud long farts in sexy bikinis. They oil each other up in all the right places then proceed to break wind in each others face. Mmmm their farts smell so good and organic they begin to cup each others farts and enjoy them even more. Finally they go inside, strip down naked and dare each other to do naughty and unmentionable things. These girls are so fucking hot when they blast ass together because they really enjoy it!

July 19, 2015
"Giant Enema for Ashley Dobbs"
VideoHD - 11:00 minutes

Lizzy the Queen Of Farts gives AshleyDobbs her very first enema with a huge authentic medical enema bag to assure complete cleansing of her colon. Lizz is a sexy nurse and Ashley is the patient who is constipated and completely backed up. Ashley’s gorgeous rump gets completely filled with warm water from a huge enema bag. Then finally she spreads open her meaty cheeks nice and wide and squirts out everything inside. Hot liquid farts splattering on the floor. Ewwwwww now Ashley and Lizz have to clean the tub. hahaha

July 11, 2015
"Road Trip with Lizzy"
VideoHD - 7:24 minutes

Experience Lizzy's Goddess Gas through the eyes and nose of this lucky fan who gave Lizzy a ride home in his very own car. Imagine what that would be like, sitting right there next to the queen of farts as her sweet pungent farts fill the air for 1 hour! It doesn't get any better than that!!! Of course you would keep the windows rolled and inhale every intoxicating breath of anal perfume into your nose and lungs. This is a hot box dream come true and a ride you will never forget.

July 1, 2015
"Farting for a Fan at the Bus Stop"
VideoHD - 5:22 minutes

I just had dinner with my girlfriend but come to find out my car wont start so now I have no way home. Thank God the bus station is across the street. I ask a nice man if we can share the bench because my stomach hurts so bad and I really need to sit down. My poor ass is blasting out of control because of all the Mexican food I just ate. Long, hot and bubbly farts pass through my jeans non stop and leave burning skid marks in my pants. At first I am embarrassed as I excuses myself politely but then the man confesses that he knows who I am and begs me not to stop. This is the very first time I have been recognized by a real fart fan in person. I don't know whether to be embarrassed, scared or relieved. hahaha And by the size of the bulge in his pants I would say he really enjoys my farts.  

June 20, 2015
"Fart Juice Uncensored"
VideoHD - 14:51 minutes

Lets pretend this pillow is your face as you suck the farts from my hole. I spread open my meaty cheeks nice and wide so my ass hole is pressed directly on your nose. You love the smell of my anal perfume as I spray extra long farts in your nostrils. Now be a good boy and lick my ass clean of all the skid marks, nuggets and juice. You may go to sleep with your face resting on my scented pillow as your reward. Sweet dreams baby!

June 13, 2015
"Sharts in my Shorts"
VideoBlog - 3:31 minutes

Today I was filming a  custom fart video and accidentally sharted my pants. I guess I pushed out that last fart too hard and got more than I bargained for. hahaha I tried to use the toilet but didn't make it in time. Oh well.  .. this is certainly not the first pair of jeans I have ruined with my wet and messy farts.

June 4, 2015
"First Face Fart Session with Lizzy"
VideoHD - 13:56 minutes

Lets pretend that you hire me for a face fart session and today is your lucky day. I enter your room wearing my tightest jeans and begin to expel anal perfume in your presence. The smell of my eggy farts gets us both turned on so we proceed to the bed for more fun. You stroke your hard cock as I rip hot gassy mist in your face and up your nose. My farts are so juicy I ruin my first pair of jeans and change into another pair which also get stained with my hot eggy bombs. This is the best face fart session of your life and everything you always dreamed of.

May 21, 2015
"Farting Turns Me On"
VideoBlogHD - 3:33 minutes

For many years I have been getting a lot of fan mail from people asking if farting turns me on. So in answer to that question yes farting turns me on and here is proof!! Just look at how wet my panties get after I fart! And of course I filmed myself answering this question so you can actually hear me fart then see me take my panties off to show you the big wet juicy spot in my crotch. . . . and a little skid mark too.

May 16, 2015
"Smelly Socks Stinky Butt"
VideoHD - 10:00 minutes

This video is dedicated to all you fart fetish fans and lover of all smells, especially sweaty socks and stinky butts. Just knowing that you like the odor of my sweaty scent really turns me on especially when I rip big hot farts that fill the air with my gassy aroma. The proof is in my panties!!! Just look at that giant creamy stain!!! Mmm I bet you will love the smell of that too.

May 6, 2015
"Sloppy Wet Farts in Spandex"
VideoHD - 11:00 minutes

The Queen Of Farts is bursting with sloppy wet farts as she rips hot bubbly bombs through her tight spandex jeans. Huge long gulpy farts that leave wet skid marks on the toilet seat. These are some of Lizzy's LONGEST farts yet making another farting world record! Another Queen-Of-Farts Classic from Lizzy the QueenOfFarts

April 26, 2015
"Beautiful Farts for our First Date"
VideoHD - 15:00 minutes

Yes it's true your QueenOfFarts is single again and looking for a new man. But this time Lizzy is gonna do things different. She will fart on the first date to assure a better match. If you like female farts then this will be a good connection, and if not then Lizzy won't waste her time with you again. So pretend this is your very first date and Lizzy is farting up a storm. It's a farting dream come true as Lizzy expels sweet warm bombs from her cute little ass. And oh that adorable flirty skirt that helps fluff the beautiful fragrance to your nostrils and in your nose.  

April 16, 2015
"Spicy Burrito Bombs in Pantyhose"
VideoHD - 9:37 minutes

In this video you will see Lizzy the Queen Of Farts rip spicy burrito bombs in her pretty pantyhose as each fart oozes out long and bubbly. These amazing Pre BM farts fill her tight nylons with a warm sulfur stench and leaves wet skid marks in her sweaty ass crack. Then finally the queen explodes on the toilet and gets the whole burrito out of her ass. Another awesome toilet fart video from the QueenOfFarts

April 10, 2015
"Licking Pussy & Tasting Farts"
VideoHD - 10 minutes

Ashley Dobbs and the Queen Of Farts have a face sitting good time as they take turns licking each others pussies while smelling and tasting each others farts. Lets face it there is nothing hotter than having a gorgeous plump rump on your face with a juicy pussy near by. Licking pussy, smelling ass and tasting farts all at the same time. It doesn't get any better than that!

April 3, 2015
"Gassy Girls Farting on Cam"
VideoHD - 14 minutes

Today I had the pleasure of doing a LIVE Fart Cam Show with my best friend Ashley Dobbs. So we decided to record the whole thing so you can enjoy it too. We took turns smelling each others farts and had a great time showing off our amazing asses. Lots of twerking, dancing, ass shaking, butt smelling and farting of course!

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