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September 28, 2014
"Morning Farts on Deck"
Video - 5:34 minutes (Available in HD)

Ahhh there's nothing better than starting your day off with a blast of morning farts. All that gas has been building up in my intestines all night long and now it's time to come out. Wish you were here to enjoy these amazing morning farts with me.

September 21, 2014
"Spandex Farts for Friends"
Video - 7:29 minutes (Available in HD)

During my visit to Charlotte NC I got to enjoy a coffee break outside with my friends. We were just hanging out and talking about our shoots planned for the day. That damned coffee went right through me and decided it was time to come out. . . in gas form of course. You know me I hate to waste a good fart, so I turned on my camera and filmed all the fun. My photographer thought it was funny and actually got a little curious about my farts. So I farted on him several times and he liked it.

September 14, 2014
"Steamy Fart Juice for Ashley Dobbs"
Video - 8:55 minutes (Available in HD)

While Ashley was napping outside I thought it would be funny to sneak up and fart on her head. After the first steamy blast she woke up and laughed, so I continued to fart on her more. I ripped wet, bubbly, steamy farts all over her face, body and ass. But after I stained her shorts with fart juice I realized I had to use  the toilet. So we proceeded to the bathroom and took turns expelling steamy farts and juicy apples down the bowl.

September 5, 2014
"Private Fart Show"
Video - 11:24 minutes (Available in HD)

While I was stripping at the night club you heard me fart several times on accident, so you hired me for a private show with hopes to smell some farts up-close. I am so excited that I can meet a real fart fan because I love to fart and dance at the same time. This is a start to a beautiful relationship and I hope you will enjoy your private fart show.

August 30, 2014
"Almost Didnt Make It"
Video - 7:56 minutes (Available in HD)

I don't know what I ate for breakfast but these farts are spewing out of my ass like hot wet steam on my leather seat. I try and be a lady and cross my legs while I continue to work but they just won't stop!!! Now I really need to use the toilet bad! Oh shit. . . .  I almost didn't make it! hahaha

August 24, 2014
"Elephant Farts"
Video - 7:22 minutes (Available in HD)

Watch me rip big long screeching farts from my big moose ass. Just like the sound an elephant makes when he blows wind from his trunk. Then I proceed to the toilet to release the rest of my gas in the bowl.

August 15, 2014
"Saving my farts for You"
VideoBlog - 6:28 minutes

Today I have uncontrollable gas and I surely don't want to waste them, so I figured I would turn my camera on and make a blog at the same time. Join my site and watch this exciting VideoBlog as I update you on some exciting news and also give you a full demonstration of my uncontrollable farts in HD!
August 7, 2014
"Brown on Brown"
Video - 9:30 minutes

I just got brand new carpets for my house and they are so beautiful. The thick plush fibers feel so good on my feet I just know they are gonna feel even better on my ass. So today I decide to christen the carpets QueenOfFarts style. I spread open my meaty cheeks and plant my sweaty asshole right down on the floor. Then I blast out hot misty farts directly into the carpet so they will surely soak into the pad.
July 30, 2014
"Leather Skirt Fart Fluffs"
Video - 6:30 minutes (Available in HD)

In this video you will see me rip long wet farts in my tight leather skirt. Of course I am wearing no panties to assure you get the full effect of my amazing ass aroma in HD
July 19, 2014
"Hot Farts in my Sexy Dress"
Video - 7:19 minutes

I'm trying on my new sexy dress that I plan to wear to Vegas, and have lots of farts to expel. So I sit on a kitchen chair and release the juicy goodness one screeching fart at a time. The vibrations and smell is so amazing but some of these farts are extremely wet as well, so I put a paper towel down as a courtesy. Ashley is in the other room talking on the phone and doesn't know what I am doing. hahaha Or does she?

July 12, 2014
"Staining & Grunting"
Video - 12:18 minutes

In this video you will see Ashley & Lizz farting, grunting and straining with veins popping out of their faces and neck. Ashley has on tight spandex pants perfect for blasting out her anal emissions. Then finally Lizz joins in on the action too and forces the bean bombers out of her jeans. Man did they struggle, push, grunt, and strain to get them out of their farting asses!

July 2, 2014
"Lizzy's Longest "
Video - 2:08 minutes (Available in HD)

Although this video is only 2 minutes long it contains my longest and wettest farts yet blasting out in HD! These marathon bombs give true meaning to the terms Wet & Bubbly.  Another Queen Of Farts classic you don't want to miss!

June 25, 2014
"Farting in HD"
VideoBlog - 2:55 minutes

That's right. . . QueenOfFart videos are now in HD!!! WhoooHooo Join my site and watch this exciting VideoBlog as I give you a full demonstration of my farts in HD!

June 21, 2014
"Fart Juice for Hubbys Face"
Video - 14:53 minutes

Every time I go away on a trip I try and leave a special surprise for hubby. It's usually a romantic note or something special to remind him of me while I'm gone. Well this time I decided to leave fart juice on his personal towel. I ripped so many bubbly farts I emptied out my ass of everything inside and even attracted some flies. Then I used the towel as my toilet paper. Now every time he gets out of the shower or dries off his face he will smell my ass and think of me.
June 14, 2014
"Hotboxing our Boyfriend"
Video - 15:09 minutes

Ashley I find out that we are dating and being played by the same guy. So we come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. Little did that mother fucker know we are friends. So we pick him up at his work, make him climb into the back seat of our 2012 Dodge Challenger and let loose with our fartng asses, no mercy for this dumb fuck. One word of advice, don't mess with Lizz and Ashley or we will get you. We farted so may times, kept the windows up and turned on the heat so he couldn't breathe. But don't worry he was still alive when we checked on him later.
June 5, 2014
"Dirty Fart Sniffing Slave"
Video - 5:49 minutes

So one morning while I was in the kitchen making tea I realized that I had to fart. I thought I was alone so I had no problems cutting the cheese. Ashley was in the other room and heard me fart so she came running out eager to smell my panties. I thought it was kinda cute and sexy that she wanted to smell my farts so I did not stop her. If she wants to be my dirty fart sniffing slave I have no complaints and actually like expelling my gas up a pretty girls nose. That's what friends are for, right? haha
May 25, 2014
"40 farts & Sharts"
Video - 5:20 minutes

Here is a compellation of Farts & Sharts made from 4 different clips. Rather then throw custom footage away, I decided to put all the good parts together and share them with you. No dead time and no fillers. . . just non stop back to back farting action!
May 15, 2014
"Trapped Farts Finally Come Out"
VideoBlog - 4:12 minutes

This morning I woke up with a ton of gas but the farts won't come out. After a few hours of having a boated belly  I decide to get into the doggy style position to relieve the pain. Finally all that trapped gas makes way to the surface and blows open my ass hole.
May 8, 2014
"Pretty Panty Poots"
Video - 11:36 minutes

A fan just bought me these sexy new panties for my birthday so naturally I couldn't wait to fart in them. They are the prettiest panties I have ever seen and today they get christened with my hot juicy gas and skid marks. Now they will taste and smell as good as they look.

April 30, 2014
Ass on Fire"
Video - 5:38 minutes

Today my ass is on fire and I can't hold the explosions back. So  I rib long bombs on the bathroom counter and shock myself with the sound and smell. One fart is so bad I have to change my skirt. Finally I make my way to the toilet to relieve more pressure from my hot farting ass.

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